An NS/VT terminal emulator for *nix

Welcome to the freevt3k page.

What is freevt3k?
freevt3k is a free NS/VT terminal emulator which gives Unix machines the ability to establish virtual terminal session to the HP3000 platform. Two programs are available in this package, freevt3k and xhpterm. freevt3k is a character based program which has the ability to do simple HP to VT100 or VT52 escape code conversion, thus making many programs usable on non-hp dumb terminals.

Does is support Block Mode?
For X windows capable machines, xhpterm is an X windows version of freevt3k with extensive HP terminal emulation. Block mode programs such as NMMGR are usable through xhpterm.

Where can I get freevt3k?
Linux binaries are available for download here.
Source tarball is available for download here.


xhpterm running Empire Classic

xhpterm running NMMGR

freevt3k running SOCKINFO.NET.SYS through vt100 emulation in an rxvt window

Supported Systems

Warning - The only one I've personally tested is Linux (both Slackware 12.1 and Ubuntu 9.04)
Copied directly from freevt3k.c
HP-UX 9.04 (9000/807)
HP-UX 9.10 (9000/425)
HP-UX 10.10 (9000/859)
AIX 3.2, 4.1
Solaris 2.4
SunOS 4.1.3
Linux 1.1.59, 1.3.83, 2.0.0
SCO 3.2
AlphaOSF 3.2
AlphaVMS 6.2
VaxVMS 6.2
IRIX 5.3
FreeBSD 2.1.0


2009-10-5    <mwest>

    * x11glue.c: include stdlib.h regardless of configuration (fixed compile time errors)
    * xllglue.c: line 142 - changed "light grey", "red" to "grey", "red" light grey made display unreadable
    * getcolor.c: include stdlib.h regardless of configuration (fixed compile time errors)

1999-01-13    <>

    * All: Change to config.h configurations

Mon Jun  9 12:25:32 1997    <>

    * vtconn.c: Fix numerous missing htons/htonl calls
    * freevt3k.c: Switch A.01.03

Tue Jan  7 08:09:44 1997    <>

    * freevt3k.c: Inaugural entry.  Version A.01.01
    * x11glue.c: Add code for '-a|-f|-lio' options
    * freevt3k.c: Conditionally compiled out code not needed for xhpterm
    * x11glue.c:  made "-li, -lo, -lio" without a "-f" log to stdout (per vt3k)
    * x11glue.c:  Added Logit routine
    * hpterm.c:   Added code to implement Device Control toggle of logging
    * freevt3k.c: made "-li, -lo, -lio" without a "-f" log to stdout (per vt3k)

Much of the information contained on this site was copied directly from the original freevt3k webpage at
There are numerous copywrite notices throughout the code.  Many of the files do have a notice of being released under the GNU GPL, no version listed (likely v1 due to the age of this code).  Since the telamon and telalert ftp sites aren't working any more I had to scavange for the code.  Found it on RapidShare of all places. I set up this sourceforge project in the hope that the code wouldn't be lost again.